Suzette Arita's Services

Face & Body Painting:

Today's face and body painting designs are big, bold and beautiful! We are proud to provide outstanding artwork, including fun and colorful designs. The industry's safest FDA compliant face paints are used that can be easily removed with mild soap and water.

Butterflies, cats, tigers, dolphins, princesses and pirates are but a few samples of the designs available to choose from.

Temporary Glitter & Airbrush Tattoos:

Temporary Glitter and Airbrush Tattoos are very popular. We use only skin-safe inks, cosmetic glitters and glue for each tattoo. Each takes just a few minutes to create, but can last 3-5 days. They are water-resistant and are perfect for pool/beach parties. All tattoos can be quickly removed with alcohol or baby oil.

Balloon Twisting:

Balloon Twisting is also very popular at parties. Suzette has been balloon twisting for several years. As an active member of the Balloon Twisters jam, we offer an extensive repertoire of balloon animals, hats and characters. Make your party a great success with amazing balloon twisting.

Suzette Arita Caricatures